Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Questions for professional (third)

I have also raised issue with a number of online magazines and so have been replied by Slashstroke magazine. i have sent this questionnaire out to the editor and hope to hear from him asap.

Questions for David

1. I know You are the editor of an online magazine, what difference do you have from the competing paper publication?

As I am aware that you are going into print, do you feel that this is due to people wanting both availability or is there still (and will always be) a market for printed publication?

2. Your webzine is going from strength to strength, do you think this is because people want a different sort of magazine nowadays? What are your thoughts?

3. May I ask about your advertisers? Do you have many on your site and have they increased? I know that advertisers what more for their pound and there is a decline in printed publication.

4. Why do you think we now have such an array of Blogs, social websites, online news, Webzines, personal commentary websites and do you think this is now better then picking up a, for example a newspaper or magazine which would have a longer ‘shelf life’

5. ‘The i’ is a new newspaper from the Independent group, it is the size of a tabloid, the same price of a tabloid but has the intellectually capacity of a broadsheet. Do you think this is outdated for today’s climate or, in your mind, think that they are a breath of fresh air to a declining industry and changing the way we look at news and current affairs within the printed press?

6. Do you feel that one day a digital library will be in place of a conventional paperback library?

7. Do you think one-day books will be replaced by Kindles and other publication reading device?

8. I personally have a large collection of Fashion magazines. I love having them to pick up and read but also I love the advertising within them. Do you feel that this is the main issue to declining sales that it is all about the advertisements, or the quality of the content?

9. What would you say is your favorite online publication (if any) and why?

10.What would you say is your favorite printed publication (if any) and why?

11.The I phone generation is what we are know as now, do you think it is a good thing that we have this instant accessibility to obtain information or would it be better and more human to sit and read and take time with what we are taking in?

12.Would you say you’re an advocate of a ‘paperless future’ could you explain more on this issue

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