Tuesday, 23 November 2010

In an session with my tutor, i took minutes down to help me understand where i am going with my dissertation. I will take this into consideration when writing my chapters as i am in the process of doing so.



consider ideas around the idea of traces/memento (susan stewart design and evocation material memories?)

internet imaginaire – Patrice flichey

Foam (gallery)

Paper different kinds (what are we loosing)

Artifacts (once yearly magazine) maybe an obsession with people to have these

Becomes an event

People send emails now no letters /kitch- is it becoming more of a hobby or not the norm for us to keep and send

The new generation of people have the lo fi technology as a hark back and use it as more of a kitch thing due to them only knowing online technology as the norm where as I amd the footing from a generation of people that have both to work with

Like the vinyl come back and go away

Has to be cryptic and not descriptive

Visual culture: a reader (mizeroff )


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