Monday, 10 May 2010

Bits & Atoms: Being Digital

This Book is by Nicolas Negraponte and he is a fore father of making us think about the digital age. there are a few things i can read in this that may be useful to put within my dissertation.


Marketforce is a distribution company my sister works for. I am in talks with getting either data from them to show primary evidence of the amount of publications selling at the moment and the last few years. Or Get an interview with the ceo of the company to speak about the place in the market and how well his company is working.
I expect due to the latest economic downturn it will be quite predictable.


This is the website for the Audit Bureau Of Circulation. You can retrieve data about paper and digital publications. This will be great for my research.

Anna Wintour, David Letterman part1

Anna Wintour's interview of vogue and its relevance within fashion.
from David Letterman. part 1


So I found SCHON magazine through a friend and this is the type of research i will enter into my dissertation. It shows how a magazine can become fully digital....but.... If you want a hard copy you can pay to buy it. Could this be a mile stone on publishing in the future? how many people will buy the hard copy and why would you if you have it there online. An Interview is needed.

From the menu, you can choose which issue you want to view.

Through the Website you can buy a copy to be sent or download. Is this the future of the fashion magazine?


I have been sending out emails to key people for my interviews and have heard back from the editor of SlashStroke magazine. Still waiting to hear from The Times, Showstudio and conde nast

Anna Wintour!

Anna Wintour, the interview from 60 minutes in USA. she is the queen of the glossy mag!

Fashion 156

Fashion 156 is a sight that holds key, what online webzines do. A complete digital magazine. It expresses itself through its updated fashion shoots and daily blog. It is a favourite of mine but at what cost to the old paper format?


Websites like Showstudio give people more from fashion. The ability to come from the outside and look into the exclusive world via internet is becoming a normal occurrence. Websites like this show live streaming of shows and up to date blogs of the goings on in fashion. Is this starting the decline of viewers wanting to collect magazines which will have content that may be out of date from the time of print?

A Decade of Magazine covers

Even though publication come and go. They are still a mainstay of our lives. I found this little video of alot of magazine covers.

Email's sending

I am in the process of sending out emails to companies that have embraced full digital posting. Is this the way it will become?

hopefully the people i talk to will grant me the chance to talk to people within the industry

If our magazines looked like this!

A great look at how the magazine of the future might look like.
Will we see the end of a fully printed magazine? I hope not. but then again these digital magazines always update themselves. Its worth a thought!

Electronic publishing

I found this link while surfing and it has helped a lot! Its about Electronic publishing and the future of the book.

Nylon TV - Online content from a magazine

Dissertation Outview

My dissertation title is A Paperless Future; Can The Fashion Industry Go Fully Digital

I am researching on the fact that the decline of paper publications is due to the constant surge of online content. Hopefully i can get loads of primary research so any ideas of books don't hesitate to email me (