Tuesday, 23 November 2010


This is from the online magazine Schon but they will be printing so i will be following their activity, and hope to speak to the editor on the matter of online and offline publication

Print Circulation

Print Distribution

Print Circulation:10,000 Issue 6

15,000 Issue 7

Print Deadlines

Schön! 8 Aug 10

Schön! 9 Oct 10

Schön! 10 Dec 10

Schön! 11 Feb 11

Schön! is published in English and distributed in 14 countries:

UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain, Cyprus, Canada, Japan, USA,

Australia, New Zealand,

and Italy

The magazine is distributed in newsagents, department stores, fashion and lifestyle shops and hotels.

Why advertise with us?

With our enormously dedicated readership and our hugely populated online presence, it’s only absence of basic common sense that would prevent someone from wanting to advertise with us. With the combined prowess of both Schön! Magazine and Nineteen74.com, we can offer the optimum route to your target client. If you extrapolate the success of both the website and the magazine and apply it to your desired outcome, we think you’ll be positively satisfied with the productivity.

Who should advertise with us?

Companies and independent businesses who wish to excavate the diamonds of creativity and harvest the gleam of their talents. We’ve scoured the earth and assembled the gems from numerous artistic fields for anyone eager to embark on a sparkling venture.

How can you advertise?

We have extensive online resources to enable video advertising, and our magazine is globally distributed to maximise the publicity we can offer. You provide us with what you want advertise and we do the rest.

Where are we going

We’re going from strength to strength, building up an unstoppable momentum with no hint of slowing down. With such colossal force and productivity behind us, our unwavering sense of direction, and our blistering ambition to build upon what is already promising to be an unshakeable empire, Schön! Magazine will only expand beyond epic proportion.

Our Newsletter

Blooming with the latest news and blossoming with exclusive teasers, our bimonthly newsletter received by 56,000 creatives acts as a stimulant to suppress the overwhelming need for innovation between issues; just enough to dampen the cravings

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